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Recipes with Small strong chillies

Mains Freshly grated ginger Corn flour pie powder Masala ...

Season the bird in hot oil (non-smoking), add bacon cut into fine strips or tern. Squeeze garlic into the pan. Add finely chopped lemongrass. Add other spices (amount to taste and pleasure - the only thing to limit is galangal (1 teaspoon)). Stir well together

Mains A nice helping of "morning glory" (water spinach) Fresh coriander Peanut butter sauce ...

Take a handful of fresh coriander leaves, chop them nicely with 3 cloves of garlic, lemongrass, spring onion and purified chili. Stir this spice mixture together with the beef and form them into small "sausages". Steam the water spinach (the easiest way is to