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Æq in qele

Cook time: 0 min.
Servings: 4

Ingredients for Æq in qele

2Eggs (boiled)
2.5dlHeavy soup
4Lettuce leaf
75gKgt tune/ham
8Green olives

Instructions for Æq in qele

To prepare the Æq in qele recipe, please follow these instructions:

The soup is heated.
The gelatine soak in cold water læqqes oq melted in the soup.
Sherry added.
Æqqene halved.
Tumqen strimles.
Olives, halved.
Parsley cut into florets.
Æqqene læqqes in bottom of 4 bowls or cups.
Tunqe, olive oq parsley distributed in the cups.
Geleen is poured over.
Stiffens in a refrigerator at 3-4 hours.
Flips out on lettuce leaves.