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500kcal wraps with smoked chicken

Cook time: 0 min.
Servings: 4

Ingredients for 500kcal wraps with smoked chicken

2 x 150 g smoked chicken fillet
1Spring onions
1Ripe avocado
1Red onion
1pkgLarge tortilla's (8 stuks)
125mlSour cream (9%
3tbspFresh mint

Instructions for 500kcal wraps with smoked chicken

To prepare the 500kcal wraps with smoked chicken recipe, please follow these instructions:

Red onion cut into fine tern
Carrot cut in quarters long, then in fine slices
Chicken is cut into fine slices
Chop mint.

Mix the mayonnaise with cream fraiche, add red onion, carrot and mint, taste with salt and pepper. Add chicken.

Cut the avocado out, drizzle the lime in addition to the pieces, chop the onions (flak twice, then sliced).

Tortilla is warmed and filled with chicken mix, put the avocado over and a little spring onion, or perhaps freshly ground pepper, bend the bottom and roll the tortilla into a wrap. (Repeat)

Perhaps the tortillas can be replaced with coarse pita.

It takes no time to do and the kids love it! Super delicious and healthy!