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AMO Chamber junker

Cook time: 0 min.
Servings: 200 pcs

Ingredients for AMO Chamber junker

150gButter or margarine
500gWheat flour

Instructions for AMO Chamber junker

To prepare the AMO Chamber junker recipe, please follow these instructions:

Lunes, and herein be thawed milk yeast, which, however, must not be warmed with. Add the remaining ingredients and knead into the dough is uniform.

The dough is divided in four pieces, which rolled out in sausages at ca. 50 cm's length. Cut out into small pieces at a size of ca. 100 PCs. valnøds Molded into small buns on greased sheet and raises the bar on a warm place for about 20 minutes uncovered.

Bake on the middle oven at 220 degrees C Groove in 5-7 minutes. The oven must have the right temperature from the start.

When the buns are cooled, they sliced and dried in the oven at 150 degrees C in 10-12 minutes.

Stored in the cake tin as biscuits.


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