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Amos snails

Cook time: 0 min.
Servings: 24 pcs

Ingredients for Amos snails

1tbspBoiling water
100gBrown sugar
100gButter or margarine
300gWheat flour

Instructions for Amos snails

To prepare the Amos snails recipe, please follow these instructions:

The milk is poured into a dish, lunes and dissolve the yeast in it. Remember, the yeast must not be heated with. Wheat flour and the other ingredients mixed in, and it all kneaded together into a uniform dough, which raises to double in size in a warm place, covered.

The dough is divided into two equal parts and roll out to two squares on ca30x30 cm., after which the remoncen are distributed over the entire surface. Sprinkled with cinnamon, rolled together as to roll and cut out into 12 equal-sized pieces, put on a greased plate and pressed flat, raises about 20 minutes in a warm place, covered.

Brush with egg white and bake on the middle oven at 220 degrees C Groove in about 8 minutes. The oven must have the right temperature from the start.

After cooling, decorating the slugs with glaze.

Deep-freezing: Bread put into a plastic bag or packed in aluminum foil or freezer wrap, while it is still hot and kept in hand for the freezer it at 18 degrees C for about 6 months.

Thawing: in room temperature be thawed bread on the kitchen table wrapped in fryseembalagen on 30-40 minutes. In a preheated oven. 200 degrees C defrosted bread in about 5 minutes.