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And with olives

Cook time: 0 min.
Servings: 4

Ingredients for And with olives

1The open sand
250-300gPitted green olives
4Large baking potatoes

Instructions for And with olives

To prepare the And with olives recipe, please follow these instructions:

Clean another. Peel the skin on the other with a fork, rub the skin well with salt, give it a little salt and a dry pepper inside.

Put another on the grate in a frying pan with the chest down and put it in a 160 gr. Hot oven on the bottom groove. After an hour, pour the grease away (save the grease - it can be used for many things) and another reversed. Continue for an additional hour, turn the heat up to 225 gr. And continue on until the skin is brown and crisp.

A couple of minutes before the second is finished, pour the rinsed olives so they just get warmed through and take a little flavor.

Serve the fried duck with biscuit and thin slices of baking soda that is baked crispy in oil on the forehead and sprinkle with a little salt before serving.