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Andelever Mousse II

Cook time: 0 min.
Servings: 1 portion(s)

Ingredients for Andelever Mousse II

optional1 small garlic clove
1dlWhipped cream
2tbspPort wine
300gDuck liver

Instructions for Andelever Mousse II

To prepare the Andelever Mousse II recipe, please follow these instructions:

Remove if necessary. Tendons / hinders on the liver and raise it in butter for a few minutes. on every side. Take the liver and put it in a food processor. Boil the pan with port wine and pour it on the liver. Blend the liver with thyme leaves and cream to creamy consistency, and season with salt and pepper and possibly. Slightly squeezed garlic. Pour it up in a mold and style it cold. Make possible Little port wine shovel: Melt 4 leaves of tender house leaf in 1 dl port wine and 1½ dl chicken stock. Place it in a bowl and cool it to cool.