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Andesteg w / Cranberry and squash

Cook time: 0 min.
Servings: 4

Ingredients for Andesteg w / Cranberry and squash

Andesky from frying pan
1dlFreshly squeezed orange juice
2dlWhipped cream
2-3tbspHøng sky blue
4tbspPlum jam

Instructions for Andesteg w / Cranberry and squash

To prepare the Andesteg w / Cranberry and squash recipe, please follow these instructions:

The other part is poured over and both are put in a pan. You can also cook it all, but in this way you get more crisp skins. Place in the oven at 150 gr. When it has fried for approx. For 1 hour, the flower marmalade is lubricated above the other. The cranberries poured over with orange juice and a little water. Make sure that what flows from someone else does not fry into the bottom of the pan. Step further for 2-2½ hours. When finished, pour the frying pan into a pan and let it stand a little until the grease rises to the top. Foam off and discard it, the rest is sifted and leveled with maizena stirred into water. Boil a little and season with salt and pepper.

The squash is cut in spelling at approx. 5 cm. The butter is melted in a saucepan and the squash is steamed. The cheese is added together with the cream and it boils a few min. Until the squash is tender. There may be some bites in them.

Serve with boiled potatoes shaken on a pan in butter.