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Animal back (the right)

Cook time: 0 min.
Servings: 6 portion(s)

Ingredients for Animal back (the right)

a littleGood sjokolade
a littleCherry wine
Crushed juniper berries
Red currant jelly
1Big back (trimmed)
2dlWild bulion

Instructions for Animal back (the right)

To prepare the Animal back (the right) recipe, please follow these instructions:

We start with the sauce.

1ltr cream placed in a light boil, along with 1 large red currant jelly and a splash of sp spoon cherry wine, add a little butter, salt and pepper. as well as colour.
levelled for the hangs by a fork.

The back.

who chop down along the backbones of the trimmed back, cut filled with herb butter (just salt, pepper and butter)
the whole of the back are seasoned with salt, peper and crushed juniper berries.
back out in a roasting pan, on løgbåde of the 2 onions.
the back spækkes with bacon so nothing of the flesh can be seen. Brown in 15 min at 250
pour the 2 cups wild bulion in forehead
and back onto with cream gravy, the FRY further for 2 hours at 160.
back onto the rest of frying time for every 20 min
When the back is finished taken it out of the saucepan and pulls slightly under foil and a towel.
roasting pan be emptied in a pan through a sieve (it may look like something one should not eat, but believe me, the fur cheats)
with a saucepan cream sauce from the saucepan didou happen through the sieve, the sauce in the Pan, add the last cream, season with red currant jelly, salt and pepper the sauce smoothed over as needed., when it seemed that now is it there, add 2 pieces marabu sjokolade. (it's really wild sauce)

the bacon is removed from the back and cut into six pieces, served with meat as an accessory back


Bacon Beans (lightly cooked beans, wrapped 2 and 2 with bacon and fried crispy on the forehead) may well be made in good time and warmed in the oven for 10 minutes before serving.
woldorf salad is always klasisk.
half-cooked apples with red currant jelly.
roasted potatoes.

This recipe is gun for all kinds of hair wildly. whether it is a deer's back or a fallow deer URbov.jeg have tried many recipes from this page but nothing beats aunt tove's