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Anna's/beefburgers in dish

Cook time: 0 min.
Servings: 6

Ingredients for Anna's/beefburgers in dish

1canPeeled tomatoes, canned
1Green bell pepper
1Yellow bell pepper
1000gBeef, chopped about 10% fat
2dlBeef broth
5dlWhipped cream

Instructions for Anna's/beefburgers in dish

To prepare the Anna's/beefburgers in dish recipe, please follow these instructions:

Form 8 patties and brown them quick on the forehead. got them in a heat-proof platter.

The sauce: make broth by 1 bouillon cube. It came in a pot the peeled tomatoes they crushed garlic is added. It smoothed over with meljævner. cream admissible in little by little over a low heat. colour salt and pepper place in at the end. It all poured over the steaks.

Arrow the onions and chop them, clean the mushrooms and cut them into slices. Saute onion and mushrooms in the Pan separately.

Inserts peberfrugten into cubes. Add onion and the mushrooms raw pepper cubes over and style it into the oven for 30-40 min at 180-200 degrees c. alm. oven.

Served with potatoes and a good salad.