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Arnes Quince Marmalade with lemon and vanilla

Cook time: 0 min.
Servings: 1 portion(s)

Ingredients for Arnes Quince Marmalade with lemon and vanilla

1Large lemon
2Bars and rods, genuine vanilla

Instructions for Arnes Quince Marmalade with lemon and vanilla

To prepare the Arnes Quince Marmalade with lemon and vanilla recipe, please follow these instructions:

1. Rinse and clean the kvæderne.

2. Come on them in a big pot, so they are only located in a layer.

3. Pour water around 1/3 up on them.

4. Steam them in my 10-20 (For when the shell cracks/separates ad)

5. Arrow or peel them; Save Peal, except flower and stem end.

6. When they peeled quinces is cooled, then squeeze the flesh of those by hand or cut it free, if it is hard. The nucleus is discarded.

7. If there are hard pieces, they must be chopped finely, or run through a blender, along with the nicest of Peel.

8. Kvædekød and the chopped peelings + water + de 1.5 kg. of sugar + the broken and scraped vanilla-pods in the Pan, and stir well to the sugar is dissolved.

9. The broken lemon squeezed. The juice and lemon flesh granted, to the second.
If you want a more piquant lemon flavor, so you can peel and chop or tear the shell and get it with.! Here we must be sure that it is not one that is sprayed, use if necessary. an organic.

10. It all boils under the lid, and low heat to the switches to an orange color, approx. 30-40 min.

11. Taste it. If it is too sour/acidic, then adjust with sugar to taste. PS!-in my recipe here, I have used the total amount of which is abandoned.

12. Finally, the jam is finished when a teaspoon on a saucer stiffens/becomes viscous in the course of a few minutes in the refrigerator.
Tag, if desired. some samples along the way.
PS! -Quinces contain much pectin, so they stalled by itself, without the addition of the second.

13. When finally, the jam is finished, fished the remnants of vanillestængerne up, and are now ready to pour hot on glass that is washed in a pure preservative solution. ( ! Remember-a little at a time, in each glass, so they do not blow up)-
Pure preservation, because it is the only thing that added in this recipe.
PS! – Afh. of the same storage conditions, one can also add a little preservative (intended to jam) in the finished lot.

Serving suggestions: Purely on bread. But also fits well with, or on top of a cheese sandwich. Bon appétit! Arne

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