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Avocado salad

Cook time: 0 min.
Servings: 6

Ingredients for Avocado salad

0.25Finely chopped cucumber
1Lemon juice thereof
1Small Leek fintskivet
2dlSour cream 18%
3Hard boiled eggs
3Ripe avocadoes

Instructions for Avocado salad

To prepare the Avocado salad recipe, please follow these instructions:

Halve avocado fruits and remove the stones. Scrape most of the fruit into a bowl. MOSS it and pour the juice of the lemon over 1/2. Chop eggs and cucumber fine cut leeks and mix it into the avocado Marsh (save possibly a little for garnish). Stir sour cream into an appropriate texture and taste with salt, pepper and, if desired. more lemon. Stuffed avocado shells with the mixture, garnish with a little green.