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Back of summer bum

Cook time: 0 min.
Servings: 2 portion(s)

Ingredients for Back of summer bum

Fresh thyme
a littleWhite wine
Crushed juniper berries
a littleButter
0.25Big red chili
1tbspCrème fraiche 38%
1tbspDijon mustard
1tbspGreen peppercorns
150gSmall washed new potatoes
2tbspBalsamic vinegar
2tbspBrown sugar
2Spring onions
2stemsFresh dill
2dlHeavy hønsebouillion
350gSpine with ribs and backbone of Red Roebuck
4Small carrots with top

Instructions for Back of summer bum

To prepare the Back of summer bum recipe, please follow these instructions:

Potatoes are put into boiling water with a little salt. The backbone spades off and the ribs are brushed off. Sprinkle the meat and brown on the hot pan, season with salt, pepper, juniper and thyme. Stir in oven at 200 c. Approx. 13 min and let pull before serving.

Scallops are chopped and sautéed in a little butter. Add some wine and boil, add chicken bouillon and let the sauce smash. Rhubarb is sliced ​​and cut into small pieces. Chili chopped fine. The apple is cut into small pieces. Balsamico and brown dumplings are boiled in the pan. Add rhubarb, apples and chilli and let the chutney boil / simmer to solid thick consistency. Carrots are peeled and the spring onions are soigned and boiled in a little water with salt until they are almost tender. The sauce is added a little cream and boiled, chopped with chopped parsley, crushed peppers, a little dijon peanut and lemon juice, salt and pepper. The potatoes are sifted and swirled in a thin pot of cream fraiche, chopped dill and a little butter and salt / pepper.

Springbreaks twist like a small circle. Here comes rhubarb chutney. Upstairs the meat is cut up for approx. 3 pieces. Round the carrots, put potatoes around and eventually mask with a little sauce.