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Baked cream cheese with ham

Cook time: 0 min.
Servings: 4

Ingredients for Baked cream cheese with ham

Chives and parsley fresh or dried
1rollPuff pastry
2pkgPhilidelfia light natural smørreost
300-400gHam, diced

Instructions for Baked cream cheese with ham

To prepare the Baked cream cheese with ham recipe, please follow these instructions:

Tube smørreosten with parsley, chives and ham cubes, put it as a long sausage on Neapolitan plate, fold the ends toward the Center, then fold sides over, glued together with water. Bake in oven on warm air at 200 gr in ca. 25-30 min. let rest before serving about 15 mins.

Tastes leaked as a starter with a salad or as a quick and easy main dish. You can use alm. fat cream cheese, but then the rest fairly moderate, since the cheese since becoming more liquid.