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Baked feta

Cook time: 0 min.
Servings: 1 portion(s)

Ingredients for Baked feta

A fresh mint leaf
A few black olives
Obergine, diced
Squash, diced
Great fried obergineskive
Tomatkød seedless and the wet in cubes
Thick slice of genuine feta ca. 100 g

Instructions for Baked feta

To prepare the Baked feta recipe, please follow these instructions:

rose a great obergineskive Golden on the forehead. A large paragraph allufolie brushed with olive oil to that end be obergineskiven with feta on top. grate Zucchini and oberginetern on the hot frying pan and tilsært tomatkød to finish. arangeres upstairs feta dial, and finish with mint leaf and a few black olives. splash with a little olive oil. close the packages at the top and set in the 200gr. 10-15 min. hot oven or set the packages on the hot grill.
great accessories for lamb or other grill food. can also make it out for wen easily their own pickle.