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Banana Zucchini cake

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Cook time: 0 min.
Servings: 12

Ingredients for Banana Zucchini cake

2dlSkimmed milk
2tspVanilla sugar
250gWheat flour
4tspBaking soda

Instructions for Banana Zucchini cake

To prepare the Banana Zucchini cake recipe, please follow these instructions:

Eggs, sugar and vanilla sugar whipped good diocese with a hand mixer. The remaining ingredients except bananas and squash stir in coarsely and mash the bananas squashen. tear completely.

Add the squashen and turn the first banana bog in eventually.

The batter is poured into a greased baking pan and bake at 175 degrees 23x33 cm c. alm. oven for about 60 minutes.

Check with a knitting needle or similar. to drop the dough before it is taken out.