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Beef brisket

Cook time: 0 min.
Servings: 0

Ingredients for Beef brisket

Various spices according to taste not too many
Coarse pepper
Coarse salt
0.5Red and green peppers
1Large onion
1000gBeef brisket el tip breast
2Large carrots

Instructions for Beef brisket

To prepare the Beef brisket recipe, please follow these instructions:

Hot air oven at 180 degrees
1 fry dish is lubricated with oil, the beef breast is cut obliquely in the grease / lower edge about 3 places, put in the dish and lubricated with residual oil, seasoned and fry. The vegetables are cut roughly and when the stalk gauge shows about 50 degrees in the center or after ½ hour, the coarse vegetables are added, the liquid is added after another 15 minutes. The wheat can be supplemented with red wine for sauce.

Accessories: Potatoes, the fried vegetables, sauce if necessary. Added red wine and possibly Grandmother's salad ..

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