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Beef tenderloin on la Saltimbocca

Cook time: 0 min.
Servings: 4

Ingredients for Beef tenderloin on la Saltimbocca

Coarse dijon mustard
Wooden cocktail sticks
1tbspWhole, yellow mustard grain, boiled 5 minutes in a little water
1dlSweet black currant juice
1.5dlWhipped cream
150gCrème fraiche 38%
2tbspBalsamic vinegar
300gRed onion, 3 PCs
350gBeef Tenderloin-in 16 slices
4leavesFresh Sage
4sliceSausage, ham, thin

Instructions for Beef tenderloin on la Saltimbocca

To prepare the Beef tenderloin on la Saltimbocca recipe, please follow these instructions:

Start with the onion compote:
Cut the pinned red onions into thin slices and boil them by not too strong heat approx. 25 minutes in blackberry juice added water. There is no pot on the pot! Stir the vinegar in when the onions are tender and the liquid is almost steamed.

Press the meat discs flat. Butter each with a little mustard. Put a strip of spinach and a piece of sage on each meat plate and hold the ham in place with a cocktail stick.

Step the meat slices for one minute on each side of butter, first with the hammer side down. Place the meat on hot plates. Cook the pan with cognac. Add the cream fry and cream and cook the mixture evenly with stirring. Serve with coarse dijon mustard and mustard grains.

Spread the sauce on the plates and give onions, spinach and good bread.