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Berry-muffins (more or less healthy)

Cook time: 0 min.
Servings: 12 pcs

Ingredients for Berry-muffins (more or less healthy)

optional2-3 dl. Berry
A little under 4 dl. wheat flour
1tspOatmeal (like m. top)
2tspBaking soda (like m. top)
2.5dlBrown sugar
50gFused cigarette/becel

Instructions for Berry-muffins (more or less healthy)

To prepare the Berry-muffins (more or less healthy) recipe, please follow these instructions:

First, mix the flour, baking powder, brown sugar, and melted butter vaniliesukker/becel. So whipped (in another bowl) eggs, milk and salt. Then pour the whipped in the mixed, possibly. with bærene. The gang's straight and pour into greased muffin-tins.

They must have 20 minutes at 200 degrees in the HOT AIR!

You can use any kind of berries. Frozen, cooked, fresh, etc. You may want to. pour half of the bærene in the mix, and the other half in when the dough is quite in shape (a dollop on top of). Or it all in when muffinsene is in the molds

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