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Boeuf Bourgignon

Cook time: 0 min.
Servings: 8

Ingredients for Boeuf Bourgignon

0.5-0.75bottleSemi-dry red Burgundy
1Bay leaf
1.5kgBeef Chuck u/ben
2tbspWheat flour
2cloveGarlic (crushed)
2tbspGrape seed oil
200gSmoked bacon u/severe
20-25Chalotteløg (or pickled Pearl onions)

Instructions for Boeuf Bourgignon

To prepare the Boeuf Bourgignon recipe, please follow these instructions:

Trim if necessary. membranes and tendons from the flesh. Dry it off with paper towel and cut it in not too small cubes (4 x 4 cm). Sprinkle the meat with flour and mix it with salt and pepper.

Cut the smoked bacon into small cubes.
Fry the bacon dice in its own fat in a saucepan. Take the roasted bacon cubes up and put them aside.

Add the oil and Brown the peeled chalotteløg. (Uses pickled onions do not brown). Tag also buds up.

Brown kødterningerne, possibly. a couple of times. Came the onion and bacon cubes in the pan with the roasted meat. Add the crushed garlic. Com aromatic bouquet in red wine by then Pour meat. accurately covered. Bring to the boil, put on a tight-fitting lid, and let the Court simmer on a low heat for meat is tender. (Approx. 1 1/2 hour).

Clean and rinse the mushrooms, brown them in a frying pan. Add the mushrooms to the Court about 10 minutes before it is finished.

The Court may not recognize. be smoothed slightly with a butter bun if the desired slightly thicker.

Served with baguette and a bowl of green salad.

Mushroom can possibly. be replaced with small bread croutons that butter roasted with crushed garlic. It is a good old advice to use an equally good Claret to the right, as you want to drink to.