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Braised pheasant breast with wild accessories

Cook time: 0 min.
Servings: 4

Ingredients for Braised pheasant breast with wild accessories

1smallCabbage/Savoy cabbage
1Thyme sprig
10Black peppercorns

Instructions for Braised pheasant breast with wild accessories

To prepare the Braised pheasant breast with wild accessories recipe, please follow these instructions:

Clean the pheasants for any. Remnants of ingots and feathers. Cut them out in thighs, back and chest pieces. Brown thighs and back in a pan with 2 onions in a quarter, 1 carrot, ΒΌ celery in tern and parsley stalk. When the onions have taken color pour water on so it covers and simmer for an hour while still foaming.

Then take your thighs up and save them, throw their backs out and pass the rest through a sieve into a clean pot. Foam for any. Grease and cook the fund to about 4 dl.

Kogelage til fasanbrystet:
Water, thyme, garlic, black pepper, chopped onions, chopped carrot and salt, boiled and skim to the herbs have given flavor.

Bring the pimples into the chest and lower the pan as soon as it boils up again. Standing until the breast pieces are cold. Put the cabbage divided into eighths, bacon in the tern, the fund and the two pancakes in a saucepan and brace under a tight lid for approx. 5 minutes.

Then pour the fund into another pan, boil with butter, apples in the tern and thyme leaves and simmer it. Serve a piece of bread, cabbage and bacon and pour the sauce with apples over.

The tender thigh and the rest of the accessories on a hot dish for the second time.