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Brazilian sirloin pan

Cook time: 0 min.
Servings: 4

Ingredients for Brazilian sirloin pan

Olive oil
1Red bell pepper
1.5dlCrème fraiche 38%
1.5dlBeef broth
2tbspWhite wine vinegar
4Chopped tomatoes, canned
700gBeef Tenderloin, trimmed

Instructions for Brazilian sirloin pan

To prepare the Brazilian sirloin pan recipe, please follow these instructions:

The meat is cut into strips. At the same time, the oil is heated on the forehead, the forehead must be very hot. The meat is brined on the forehead for 3-4 minutes, preferably pouring from the forehead a few times along the way. Season the meat with salt and pepper, remove from the forehead and keep warm.

The loaf is chopped and the pepper is cut into coarse tern. The mushrooms are cleaned and sliced.

Start slicing onions and peppers for 2-3 minutes, put mushrooms on the forehead and switch again 2-3 minutes.

Broth, cream fries, tomatoes, crushed garlic and white wine vinegar are added and let it all boil for a few minutes, taste with salt and pepper.

The meat is on the forehead and warms the ignee for a moment.

Served with mashed potatoes.