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Brine pork

Cook time: 0 min.
Servings: 1

Ingredients for Brine pork

1traySoup herbs
1-2Bay leaves
2Egg whites
5dlBroth or water
5Whole peppercorns
500gLean cooking pork
8Gelatin leaves

Instructions for Brine pork

To prepare the Brine pork recipe, please follow these instructions:

Makes soup herbs able, rinse them and cut them into smaller pieces. Take slice into slices and put them in a pan with soup herbs. Pour salted water and vinegar by. Bring the water to a boil, foam carefully, add the Bay leaves, thyme, salt and whole peppercorns and let battle it out for low heat and Cook, covered, until tender, IE. approximately 30 min.

Let battle it out to cool in the soup. Then take both pork and soup herbs up. put the isinglass soaked in cold water for about 10 min.

Beat the egg whites in the soup. Then stir the macerate isinglass in, and the soup to the boil, very slowly and under vigorous stirring or whipping. Let it boil for lowest heat and without stirring for about 15 min and si it through a cloth or similar. So it should be nice ready. Pour a bit of soup in a casserole dish, let it stiffen and put some slices soup herbs in a nice pattern of the stiffened jelly. More poured a new thin layer of soup. When it is set, favor pork slices of geleen, and the rest of the soup is poured over, or at least as much as that now can be in the dish. Let the pickled pork stand cool overnight before it is eaten.

Just before serving dip the dish quite a moment in hot water, then it is not at all hard to turn the contents out on a platter.