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Cakes in form
Cook time: 0 min.
Servings: 1

Ingredients for Brunsvigere

100gBrown sugar
375gWheat flour
50gCurrants or raisins

Instructions for Brunsvigere

To prepare the Brunsvigere recipe, please follow these instructions:

Melt butter and add milk. Crumble the yeast and stir it into the milk. Add the other stuff and knead the dough together.

Let the increase covered in a warm place about 45 min. Boil butter, sugar and syrup together while on a low heat and remove it from the heat. Knead the dough lightly through and roll it out with a rolling pin, so that it fits into a roasting pan at ca. 20-30 cm. Put the dough into the greased baking pan. Pour butter mixture over and sprinkle currants on. Efterhæv the cake in a warm place about 20 mins.

Behind the 20 -25 URmin.ved 200 ° in the Middle ovnrille. Cool the cake on a wire rack and cut into squares.