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Butternut Pumpkin Lasagna

Cook time: 0 min.
Servings: 6

Ingredients for Butternut Pumpkin Lasagna

0.5bagCheddar cheese
1psFrozen spinach
1canChopped tomatoes
1Whole butternut pumpkin
200gFeta cheese

Instructions for Butternut Pumpkin Lasagna

To prepare the Butternut Pumpkin Lasagna recipe, please follow these instructions:

Butternut the pumpkin can be used in the oven when you make another dish.
Give it for example. 3 / 4-1 hour at 180 gr.
It must be in a dish, because when it is baked it spreads out a little.
When baked, it can be halved, and the fill can be scrapped and the cores can be discarded.
The moss is then saved until this lasagna is to be made.
Turn on a pan and let the spinach thaw on the forehead.
Add grated nutmeg and remove it from the heat.
A can of chopped or peeled tomatoes is heated in a pan and cooked with basil, salt, pepper and possibly. A spicy vinegar.
Then make a lasagne in a dish with all the components.
First spread a little mashed pumpkin in the bottom.
Then spread spinach upwards and crumble feta cheese evenly.
Add with grated cheddar cheese and cover with first layer lasagne plates.
Depending on the size of the warehouse, 2 or 3 layers are built according to the same procedure.
After the last lid of lasagne plates, the tomato sauce is poured evenly over the entire surface.
Finish with another handful of cheddar cheese.
Bake in the oven at 200 gr for ½-3/4 hour.
The lasagna plates must now be properly cooked.

The dish tastes good and you do not miss meat or anything else, but I could suggest paned plaice, or a green salad and some ciabatta bread.