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Cabbage soup (old-fashioned)

Cook time: 0 min.
Servings: 8

Ingredients for Cabbage soup (old-fashioned)

Parsley, fresh
1tspThe 3 spice
1Cloves, whole
1000gWhite cabbage
2000gPork breast. Cook some with severe. raw
5Peppercorns, black
750gSausage, raw 17% fat

Instructions for Cabbage soup (old-fashioned)

To prepare the Cabbage soup (old-fashioned) recipe, please follow these instructions:

The meat may be fresh or salty. Meat or spine is covered with boiling water, add the third spice and possibly. 1 onions, spicy whole spices and 1 tbsp. Salt if the meat is fresh. The soup foamed.

The meat boils softly under low approx. 1½ to 2 hours until it is tender.
The medisers sausage is boiled with the last 10 minutes.

The soup is sown and the cut white cabbage and the crushed herbs are boiled in the soup until they are tender.

The soup may be sprinkled. With parsley and served to the meat with rye bread and mustard.

Instead of pork breast, b can be chewed with pork tenderloin, neck cam or spine.

Key legs are also good to use for the soup instead of for example. backbones.

If there is too little meat, besides the cooked meat can be served pickled or almond. Cooked sausages for the soup