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Cake on thread

Cook time: 0 min.
Servings: 1 portion(s)

Ingredients for Cake on thread

A good handful of sugar
1/4lClarified butter
1/4kgWheat flour

Instructions for Cake on thread

To prepare the Cake on thread recipe, please follow these instructions:

On a coarse thread dragged alternately: rinsed raisins, chopped almonds and small pieces of apples. When approx. One quarter thread is upholstered (though there is a good piece of thread left for both ends where you hold), dip them in the following dough: flour and sugar streaked with barely 1/2 in clarified butter and 2 eggs (the eggs are coming In before the butter) and so much thin beer that the dough becomes like pancakes. Cooked in, the thread is pulled out and served very hot. South Funen. Usually, any fruit is dried after a baking in the oven heat. Fruit can also be dried in the sun, by a tiled stove etc. It is stored and used for sweet soup and weed, black sausage and porridge in winter or just as "candy" for the children. Apples and pears are cut unscrambled in suitable pieces, the cuttings are removed, the pieces are pulled on the string, and wreaths are made - "wrinkles" -. These are put on razor sticks in the oven or hung out in the sun.