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Casserole salad with goat cheese

Cook time: 0 min.
Servings: 2 person(s)

Ingredients for Casserole salad with goat cheese

Goat cheese
Rye bread
1HVD cabbage
1Red onion
4slicesSmoked bacon

Instructions for Casserole salad with goat cheese

To prepare the Casserole salad with goat cheese recipe, please follow these instructions:

Bacon cut into the tern and fry on the forehead without additional fat. Meanwhile, a couple of sliced ​​rye bread is cut into the tern. The bacon is picked up when it is crisp and put on a piece of paper roll. The rye bread is poured into the excess fat on the forehead and put together with the bacon when it has been shaken.

Spoon bowl and beans are shredded in a suitable size and put on the forehead, which is taken off the heat, and sprinkle with dried thyme, salt and pepper. When this has become a bit softer in the texture, take it off and put it in a salad bowl. The grapes are halved or mixed in the salad throughout.
Bacon and rye bread is sprinkled over the rest and the goat is cut into bites and tops the salad.

Can be served with a mixed dressing of dijonsennep, honey, vinegar and a little oil.