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Chicken pot for friends

Cook time: 0 min.
Servings: 4

Ingredients for Chicken pot for friends

Cut dill
1packageFrozen green beans
1cloveCrushed garlic
1largePoulard or equivalent chicken parts
1kgRaw potatoes

Instructions for Chicken pot for friends

To prepare the Chicken pot for friends recipe, please follow these instructions:

The chicken, if any. Thawed, handed out in porridge pieces. In a frying pan letbrune the butter, the crushed garlic and the chicken pieces are brune, season with salt and pepper and gradually put into a saucepan. The diced tomatoes with the broth and broth are also added with clay dill, basil and the little charlot cloves (preferably frozen and thawed) and under low spin all for 40 minutes. Shortly before serving, add the boiled green beans and cook the saucepan.

The potatoes are peeled, cut into thin slices and browned and passed into frying pan in richly browned butter. The potatoes are often turned over and must fry until they are tender, brown g crisp approx. 15 min.