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Chocolate-banana and apricot pie

Cook time: 0 min.
Servings: 6

Ingredients for Chocolate-banana and apricot pie

Fresh strawberries or raspberries
In winter can be used roasted nuts/almonds/candied violets
1glassApricot jam
2Finished pie bottoms
2.5Very ripe banana
200gChocolate with at least 70% cacao
5dlWhipped cream

Instructions for Chocolate-banana and apricot pie

To prepare the Chocolate-banana and apricot pie recipe, please follow these instructions:

First prepare chocolate cream melt the chocolate in the cream on low heat in a pot on the back burner while you constantly with a whisk, then the chocolate do not burn on the bottom of the Pan and it must not boil. Thereafter lodging of the mixture in the refrigerator for at least 2 hours and then whipped it into whipped cream.
Bottoms can if one likes the st├Žnkes with a little Grand Marnier!!!
The lower bottom of the guards with a tyktlag abrikoes jam around a little more than half of finally, the jam.
Bananas, cut into slices about 2 cm, and summed in finally, the jam. Then added a layer of chocolate cream, about half of the cream.
The top bottom of the guards with the last of the apricot Finally, the jam and placed on top. The rest of the chocolate whipped cream granted on top of the cake.

The cake is made cold in the fridge until the day after (and remember not to have strong-smelling foods with garlic or Curry lying in the fridge so they must be wrapped ... otherwise, take the cake flavor then)

The day after decorating the cake and
If one desires, one can make a border around the cake with whipped cream on top konditorvis with spray guzzle.

Batters are often always best/most snaskede if they made the day before they are to be eaten ... but wait with ornament