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Chocolate Fondue

Desserts (warm)
Cook time: 0 min.
Servings: 8

Ingredients for Chocolate Fondue

0.5tbspVanilla sugar
1dlCrème fraiche 38%
100gWalnut kernels
2Kiwi fruits
2dlWhipped cream
400gBlue and green grapes
500gDark chocolate

Instructions for Chocolate Fondue

To prepare the Chocolate Fondue recipe, please follow these instructions:

Bring the chocolate into small pieces and melt it over the water bath in a saucepan. Gently flush the cream alongside and stir in the chocolate gradually. The chocolate should be hot but must not reach boiling point.

Stir cognac in flavor to the very end when the chocolate is completely liquid. Whip Cream fraiche and cream together until it is almost staple and add vanilla sugar gradually. Store cold until serving.

Pour the chocolate paste into the fondue pot and keep it warm over the flame at the table - without boiling.

Serve the fresh fruits served in small bowls. The grapes are stoned, the ananas and other fruit are cut into slices / terns. Dip the fruit into the chocolate and then in the ice-cold mixture of creme fraiche and whipped cream.

Comment: This fondue can be eaten all year long, and it can be varied indefinitely after the exciting fruit of the season.