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Chocolate Meringue IIII

Cook time: 0 min.
Servings: 10 pcs

Ingredients for Chocolate Meringue IIII

100gIcing sugar
100gCoarsely chopped almonds
100gDark chocolate, roughly chopped
40gEgg whites-ca. 1 large egg

Instructions for Chocolate Meringue IIII

To prepare the Chocolate Meringue IIII recipe, please follow these instructions:

Came the tonsils in a hot oven and give them some color on a baking pan with baking paper. Take them out and let them cool off. Beat the egg whites and icing sugar diocese, turn chocolate and almonds in meringue mass.

Be marengsene out on a piece of wax paper, as large or small as you like.

Behind them at 160 degrees until golden and delicious (ca. 10 min.).

This Small cake is perfect if you just want a small cute case for afternoon coffee. And so keeps the one a couple of weeks, so we can just make plenty ... The cakes can also be used for ice cream or as the crispy element for baked fruit with cremfraiche.