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Chops in dish with carrots

Cook time: 0 min.
Servings: 4 portion(s)

Ingredients for Chops in dish with carrots

1canFlåed tomatoes
1Large onion
4slicesToast cheese
5dlWhipped cream
5Large carrots

Instructions for Chops in dish with carrots

To prepare the Chops in dish with carrots recipe, please follow these instructions:

Carrots & potatoes skraldes and cut into thin slices, onion chopped finely and place in a serving dish. Add the tomatoes and flåed piskefløden, salt & pepper. Made in preheated oven 160 degrees for about 45 minutes then the oven at 180 degrees style. Flip koteletterne in egg and bread crumbs, fry them on the forehead in margarine, made while the second is in the oven, when they are taken by bruned and added on carrots, onions & potatoes style it in the oven again for about 30 minutes about 2 mins before it is taken out of the oven easily met toast the cheese on koteletterne.

Who can possibly. supleres with milk if it did not appear that there is cream enough in court. Can serves with flutes at will.