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Chorizo in sherry

Cook time: 0 min.
Servings: 6 portion(s)

Ingredients for Chorizo in sherry

It is important to sherryen is really dry otherwise the Court will be sickening sweet
3-4dlDry sherry
500gGood raw chorizo

Instructions for Chorizo in sherry

To prepare the Chorizo in sherry recipe, please follow these instructions:

Cut in bite-sized pieces rose the chorizoen by fierce heat until it becomes well Brown and the fat begins to run by it-if there is really very fat, some of it is poured so that the sausage FRY and not boiling.

When chorizoen is done-after approximately 4-5 minutes-pour sherryen on and the heat is lowered to medium. The Court shall stand and simmer with lid in 10-15 minutes-until the liquid is reduced to about half.

Serve with good bread to coast defences the delicious sauce up with.

It's a pretty bold right, then server the like along with some light tapas such as. grilled peppers and salt potatoes.