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Christiania wokret

Cook time: 0 min.
Servings: 4

Ingredients for Christiania wokret

a littleOil
0.5tspSambal oelek
1canPineapple, diced
1bundleSpring onions in small pieces
1canCoconut milk, if desired, light
3clovePressed garlic after taste
3tspRed curry powder to taste
600gChicken breast fillet cut into cubes

Instructions for Christiania wokret

To prepare the Christiania wokret recipe, please follow these instructions:

Hot oil up in wok'en and saute the Curry and garlic in it. Add chicken and sauté the meat has changed and is done. Add scallions and sauté a little with. Pour coconut milk over and season to taste with salt, pepper and sambal oelek. Give it all a rehashing in about 5 minutes at a low heat and under the lid and serve with Basmati rice and pineapple.

I have copied the right after a wokret I tasted even at Christiania. Hence the name