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Christmas Bowl

Drinks (warm)
Cook time: 0 min.
Servings: 1 portion(s)

Ingredients for Christmas Bowl

EVS. a strong splash of brandy or vodka
1 1/2lApple cider
1 1/2dlRaisins
2Red apples
2 1/2tspWhole cloves

Instructions for Christmas Bowl

To prepare the Christmas Bowl recipe, please follow these instructions:

Scrub and rinse all fruits carefully. Take an apple and 2 oranges for later use. Share an apple in quarters and remove the core house. Cut apples and citrus fruits into slices. Pour the cider into a large pot together with the carved fruit and spices and warm up to the boiling point. Turn down the heat and let it simmer for approx. 8-10 min. Remove the cooked pieces of fruit and add freshly cut pieces instead. An extra boost is achieved with some cognac or vodka.

Serving glowing heath.