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Christmas lunch

Cook time: 0 min.
Servings: 10 portion(s)

Ingredients for Christmas lunch

Rice a la manda + warm cherry sauce
1pcsHamburryg about 1000 g + green langkål and roasted potatoes
1glassPickled red onions in rings +
1Little brie + cheese triangles + grapes and crackers
1glassMarinated herring + onion rings/Curry salad
1pcsRoast pork ca 12-1500 g + red cabbage
10Rødspttefilet + remulade & lemon
500gGravlax + candy asparagus + dill sauce
500gWarm liver paté + roasted mushrooms and fried bacon + beetroot
500gSmoked halibut + 1 bk egg and chives
750gFried medister sausage + søderjysk Christmas cabbage (possibly sugar & cinnamon)
lPlastic tray with fried herring in brine

Instructions for Christmas lunch

To prepare the Christmas lunch recipe, please follow these instructions:

1) Herring served in small bowls with onion rings. Curry salad in Bowl
2) fish fillet served lun
3) Salmon + halibut served
4) the warm dishes are served, if desired. one at a time.
5) Cheese made on the table
6) eventually served rice a la manda with cherry sauce. Here can possibly. save an almond that triggers an almond gift.

Rye bread and French bread are served to the various dishes. Calculate a maximum of 5 half rye bread for each and a maximum of 3 half-French bread to each. Remember COLD BEER and COLD SNAPS. No wine at a Christmas party. Ps. Avoid Stress. Most things can be rendered and served before guests come. Enjoy!!