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Christmas Mead

Drinks (cold)
Cook time: 0 min.
Servings: 1 portion(s)

Ingredients for Christmas Mead

110 cm. FIR branch
1Orange shucked
1cupStrong black coffee
2Sticks cinnamon

Instructions for Christmas Mead

To prepare the Christmas Mead recipe, please follow these instructions:

Day 1. starting June md.
Henkog 3 dl water with 300 g honey, let it rest until it is lukewarm and getting yeast in. Let stand for the day after.
Day 2.
Boil the rest of the water with the rest of the honey and si foam from. Let it be lukewarm and came so gærkulturen in the rest of the ingredients added. and it all poured on a 5 liter vinglasbeolder.
Gærrør put on the bottle as shaken 4-5 times daily for 14 days. Then shake the container once in a while when you walk past it.
The magic is complete when gærrøret no longer bubbles. The magic are strained over in another container, this happens like 2 times, then made the magic for brightening. When the magic is almost transparent poured gently on the bottles and enjoyed during the Christmas month.
Good pleasure.