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Christmas salad with lentils

Cook time: 0 min.
Servings: 4

Ingredients for Christmas salad with lentils

1Egg yolk
1Christmas salad
100gRed lentils
2.5dlVegetable stock
3tbspWhite wine vinegar
3-4Spring onions

Instructions for Christmas salad with lentils

To prepare the Christmas salad with lentils recipe, please follow these instructions:

Boil the lentils in the broth 4-5 minutes.

Arrow white onion and squeeze it into a bowl. Mix it with wine vinegar, egg yolk, salt and pepper. Stir the oil in a little at a time. Let drain in a sieve the lenses, mix them with the marinade and let them soak ½ hour.

Cut the rodenden of julesalaten and share it in magazines. Rinse the spring onions and cut them into thin rings. Combine the Endive and spring onions with lentils.

Red lentils must not soaked and the cooker until tender on the 4-5 minutes. The lenses tastes good in soups and salad as an accompaniment.