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Bread, buns & biscuits
Cook time: 0 min.
Servings: 16 pcs

Ingredients for Ciabataboller

Olive oil
500gWheat flour

Instructions for Ciabataboller

To prepare the Ciabataboller recipe, please follow these instructions:

Stir the yeast into a little of the cold water. Add the rest of the water and the ingredients. Put the dough for raising in a refrigerator for 5-6 hours.

Roll out the dough to a sausage - enjoy flour on the table. Shape for buns. Add them to the apprenticeship 1/2 hour.

Brush the balls with oil, behind them at 250 degrees C. alm. Oven for 5 minutes and then at 200 degrees C. alm. Oven for approx. 12 min.

Suitable for freezing. Then in the oven for approx. 10 min. At 225 degrees C. alm. oven.