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Cinnamon Bread (Amo)

Bread, buns & biscuits
Cook time: 0 min.
Servings: 2 pcs

Ingredients for Cinnamon Bread (Amo)

15gCoarse sugar
150gButter or margarine
500gWheat flour

Instructions for Cinnamon Bread (Amo)

To prepare the Cinnamon Bread (Amo) recipe, please follow these instructions:

Remember, everything they need to gærdeje, should have room temperature before they begin, then the dough easier to work with, and the result better. Lunes, milk is poured into a dish, dissolve the yeast in it, and remember the yeast must not be warmed with. Wheat flour and the other ingredients mixed in, and it all kneaded together into a uniform dough, which raises to double in size in a warm place, covered. The dough is divided into 2 equal parts, which is shaped into balls, there is 2-3 minutes. The balls will be turned flat, sprinkled evenly with cinnamon and then shaped like French bread, place on a greased plate and resolved to withdraw to double in size in a warm place, covered. Brushed with egg white, sprinkled with coarse sugar and bake on the oven bottom Groove by 200 degrees C for about 20 minutes. The oven must have the right temperature from the start.