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Cinnamon cake large bread pan

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Cook time: 0 min.
Servings: 24

Ingredients for Cinnamon cake large bread pan

4tspBicarbonate of soda
4tspVanilla sugar
500gIcing sugar
8tbspCoffee ready made
8tspCinnamon, ground
800gWheat flour

Instructions for Cinnamon cake large bread pan

To prepare the Cinnamon cake large bread pan recipe, please follow these instructions:

Melted margarine is thoroughly stirred with sugar, recommended by handmixer.
Then the buttermilk is poured in gradually.

Wheat flour cinnamon and soda are then sieved for a little while with stirring. It is recommended that you aim the flour when the dough does not make flour lumps.
Once you have touched it all together thoroughly, it is poured into a large pan.

Bake at 200 degrees C in alm. oven. And at 185 degrees C in hot air oven for approx. 30 minutes.

When the cake is cooled, stir the glaze together in sequence. The saucepan must be taken from the heat and the whole must be stirred quickly. Because if the flour cream gets too hot it becomes a hard dry icing and not creamy. It will be deliciously creamy if you move it quickly. Delicious cake that should be experienced by everyone.