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Coarse casserole cornhorn

Lunch (to go)
Cook time: 0 min.
Servings: 25 pcs

Ingredients for Coarse casserole cornhorn

200gLiquid margarine
200gWholemeal wheat flour
200gWholemeal rye flour
200gWheat flour

Instructions for Coarse casserole cornhorn

To prepare the Coarse casserole cornhorn recipe, please follow these instructions:

Lun milk and dissolve the yeast in it. Add salt, sugar, egg, roughly crushed carrots and margarine and mix well. Then add all kinds of flour and knead thoroughly. The dough must be smooth and slightly glued. Let the dough raise a covered spot for about 1 hour.
Beat the dough and take a small lump (about 50 or 100 gr.) And roll it to a sausage pressed slightly flat between your fingers. Pack it about 1/2 or 1 sausage, and make sure it is close to everything. Put on baking plates with a little distance, and add 1/2 hour.
The sausage horns are brushed with egg whipped with milk and baked on hot air for approx. 15 min. At 175 degrees.

If you want a smaller rough version, replace some of the coarse flour with wheat flour.