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Coffee breads with coffee cream

Cook time: 0 min.
Servings: 0

Ingredients for Coffee breads with coffee cream

100gWheat flour
100gWhite chocolate
120gDark chocolate
200gIcing sugar
250gCane sugar
3tbspStrong coffee
50gLight chocolate
80gBrazil nuts

Instructions for Coffee breads with coffee cream

To prepare the Coffee breads with coffee cream recipe, please follow these instructions:

KAGEN: Switch on the oven at 180 degrees (ordinary oven).
Melt butter, dark chocolate and coffee in a saucepan at low heat.
Pipes for the mass are smooth and even.
Whip sugar and egg foaming with an electric whisk in a bowl.
Add the slightly chilled chocolate and whip on.
Chop the bright chocolate nicely and the pair of nuts roughly.
Turn the light chocolate, nuts and flour into the dough with a spoon.
Pour the dough in a greased form (25x30 cm) and bag the cake for 25 minutes.
Let the cake cool in the mold.

CREMEN: Melt the white chocolate, butter and coffee over a water bath.
Remove the bowl from the heat.
Point the flour and stir in the cream until it is even.
Grease the cream over the cooled cake.
When the cake is solidified cut into desired pieces and decorate if necessary. With chocolate or nuts on top.

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