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Coffee – Walnut cake

Cook time: 0 min.
Servings: 12 portion(s)

Ingredients for Coffee – Walnut cake

A little coffee to glaze
1Great TSP. baking soda
1.5dlIcing sugar
2Egg yolks
2dlIcing sugar for glaze
250gWheat flour
250gSalted butter
3dlStrong coffee to sprinkle bottoms with
375gCane sugar
5Medium-sized eggs
50gRice flour or potato flour
50gWalnuts for garnish
6tbspVery very strong coffee

Instructions for Coffee – Walnut cake

To prepare the Coffee – Walnut cake recipe, please follow these instructions:

Grate the three walnuts in the oven at 130 g, for they begin to be slightly Brown, and starts to smell, but not in the slightest way black. Keep the finest for garnish, and hug the rest roughly. Butter a large springform on 25-28 cm. In diameter with butter. Turn on the oven at 165 g.
Beat the butter and sugar until the sugar is completely dissolved, and it has been a light white creme. It takes its time. It can therefore not be done by hand without getting carpal tunnel, but an electric beater works just fine. When the dough is as it should be, whips you eggs in one at a time. They must be completely absorbed into the dough before you take the next egg. Mix the flour, rice flour and baking soda, and term it over the dough. Sprinkle walnuts over, and turn so the dough together with a spatula until it is completely smooth. Pour batter into springformen and then behind the cake until it is just cooked through.
When a wooden stick, or a knitting needle comes completely clean up of the cake when sticking it in the Middle, is the baked. Cool the cake completely, while you make the cream. Got butter, egg yolks and powdered sugar in a food processor, and run to it is a completely smooth cream. The hot coffee came in, and run again until it is completely smooth. Film the cream and style it in the fridge until it is stiffened a little, and have a spreadable consistency.
Crack the cooled cake into three, with a sharp long knife. A bread knife or a salmon knife is best. Put the lower bottom on a kagefad. Baste the two lower bottoms with coffee. Advantage so butter cream on the bottom two bottoms. Put the cake together. stir icing sugar with a bit of strong coffee, to a fairly liquid glaze, and favor it over the cake. Then sprinkle the cake with the fine Walnut kernels, and smarties, Marzipan flowers, umbrellas, candied violets or whatever you will find nicely.
Let the cake pull in at least six hours, like the next day. Served at room temperature, the cake sticks, however, fine on ice for several days.