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Cold cod salad with Rösti

Cook time: 0 min.
Servings: 1 portion(s)

Ingredients for Cold cod salad with Rösti

Coarse salt
1cannedAsparagus Harvester, 270 grams
1/2glassCapers, 30 gram
100gCaviar (lumpfish ROE)
2pcsEggs, 120 g
2tbspOil, 28 g
3tbspLemon juice
4slicesGrainy bread, 160 g
5gWhole peppers
60gWheat flour
600gCod fillet

Instructions for Cold cod salad with Rösti

To prepare the Cold cod salad with Rösti recipe, please follow these instructions:

The potatoes are peeled and torn. The wool is printed with a dish or the like.

Mix eggs, flour and spices and mix the mixture as flat fry panels and fry in oil on a pan for approx. 12 minutes on each side.

The cod fillet is boiled for 10 minutes with lemon juice, salt and whole pepper. Put the fish in a dish and cool.

Dressing is made of quark and buttermilk. Caviar, peas, asparagus and capers are stirred in.

The dressing is poured over the fish and it is decorated with curry.