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Cold melon soup

Cook time: 0 min.
Servings: 4

Ingredients for Cold melon soup

Prepared yoghourt
Grated lime
1Small shallots
2.5dlElderflower juice

Instructions for Cold melon soup

To prepare the Cold melon soup recipe, please follow these instructions:

Pour 2 ½ dl. yogurt in a coffee filter and let it drip for a few hours.

Halve the melons and remove the cores. Ridding meat of shell and cut it into smaller pieces. Pour it into a food processor along with elderflower juice and dill. Blend to a suitable consistency. Grate the skalotte onion and stir it in the soup.

Taste the drained yogurt with grated lime peel.

Server the soup ice-cold with yoghurt. You may want to. also add the soup crushed ice chunks.