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Cold potato salad III

Cook time: 0 min.
Servings: 6

Ingredients for Cold potato salad III

A little parsley finely chopped
1dlPeas (may be omitted)
1dlCorn (may be omitted)
1500gCooked cold potato
2Eggs cooked and cold
500gSour cream

Instructions for Cold potato salad III

To prepare the Cold potato salad III recipe, please follow these instructions:

Take a bowl. Got all the ' flydende'ì as well as the grated onion and Curry (not strong). Beat well together. Season to taste.

Cut the potatoes into cubes, and the egg is just so. Flip it in the mass along with peas and corn.

Cut thin slices of tomatoes and cucumbers, and eggs in both. Garnish now your potato salad.

For garnish you can use sherry tomatoes that are formot as a rose. by taking a sherry tomato cut in the top, however, not quite through, Peel as far as you can, then peeled not breakage. So rolls you Peal together so you have the top eventually, top is the ´ rose ´ stands on. Good for nøjelse and good appetite. Potato salad can be served with my delicious meatballs, with baking soda. See the meatballs.