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Cold swollen buns (approx. 12 PCs.)

Bread, buns & biscuits
Cook time: 0 min.
Servings: 1 portion(s)

Ingredients for Cold swollen buns (approx. 12 PCs.)

500gWheat flour
6dlLukewarm water

Instructions for Cold swollen buns (approx. 12 PCs.)

To prepare the Cold swollen buns (approx. 12 PCs.) recipe, please follow these instructions:

Put fermented in a dejfad and stir yeast and salt together, then add the warm water and hand came in the oil, add the durummelet and stir. Then add the wheat flour. The dough should have a thick consistency grødagtig. Come on plastic film over the dish and put a tea towel on top. Set the dish in the refrigerator. After 6-8 hours is the dough raised to a chewy and very soft mass. But beware if the dough raises too much, becomes easily flatten the dough balls. Turn on the ovenen 250 degrees.
Set dough balls on the plate with a large spoon, who dunked in cold water when the dough sticky. Brush the buns with the eggs and put them in a brandvarn oven unscrew down to approx. 180-200 degrees according to whether one uses hot air furnace. They must have approx. 20 min. View after they are nicely light brown. Bank on those below. If it sounds "hollow" is the finished baked.

These buns can be successfully frozen. When they are thawed (possibly in the microwave), can the toasting on both sides in the toaster, so will be the delicious crispy and very "Italian". Use them to the cheese table, to soups, salads, to the breakfast table, or tag them with at work split and filled with green lettuce, tomato and a frikedelle or similar. If the dough is set to hvæning in the evening, you can prompt make freshly baked buns for breakfast. If you want them a little sweet can you get 1 tbsp. honey in dough. You can also replace durummel with rye flour and oatmeal, then squirts more coarse.

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