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Cranberry sauce

Cook time: 0 min.
Servings: 1

Ingredients for Cranberry sauce

1.5Cinnamon stick
2tspPort wine
2dlRed wine
2-3tspRed currant jelly
5dlThe Wildlife Fund (use possibly cube)

Instructions for Cranberry sauce

To prepare the Cranberry sauce recipe, please follow these instructions:

PEAR and onion cut into coarse cubes and sauté with cinnamon. Cranberry pure added shortly after and fry of a porridge. Red wine is poured on and steamed away. The rest of the ingredients except butter is added and boiled for 5 min Blended and sieved. The butter is stirred into the sauce run time before serving. Transport the berries can be used for decorations on the right, by dipping the berries in boiling water or svitser them in the butter in the pan. You can also add the berries at the opkogning of the sauce.